About D7 Software Solution Co.


Our mission is to provide quality products and services in software development that help other businesses succeed. Our high quality developers use the best methodologies to provide utmost customer satisfaction.


Our vision is to become the top outsourcing, staffing and software solution provider for clients abroad and in the Philippines. With this, we will create relevant software that can be used by various businesses to influence the world.

About Us

D7 Software Solution Co. is based in the Philippines composed of Software Engineers and Web Designers, who provide products and services that centers on software development, web development and web design. Our team has extensive background and years of experience to become experts in the field. We cater to various types of businesses, offering low-cost packages but fully equipped with the essentials needed to achieve your business goals and objectives. In addition, our skilled and talented developers and designers use the Agile methodology which is a complete and effective way to deliver quality output to the highest satisfaction of our clients.

Established in March 2014, D7 Software Solution Co. is a dream fulfilled by its pioneers. For us, it gave us the freedom to explore and apply groundbreaking innovations and technologies in our works. Before D7 Software Solution Co., we were ordinary employees in an IT company where we were confined to certain requirements limiting our creativity and capacity in creating websites, software or applications of our clients. So we decided to pursue our dreams and built a company in which, we are to utilize the latest and best technologies available. This helped us to enhance our techniques and tools in software development. Also, we believe that by having our own company, we are able to incorporate our own values and culture that would provide the excellent service that is at par with the highest standards of major IT companies in the Philippines and abroad.

Part of D7 Software Solution Co. goals is to establish strong working relationships with our clients by delivering quality and cost-effective services to them. In addition, we want to build a conducive and happy work place for our employees for them to work efficiently and productively. This in turn become beneficial to our clients, where we will be able to give focus to the needs of our clients.

For just a one year and ten months in the business, D7 Software Solution Co. has already serviced a number of businesses in various industries which include meat processing industry, IT industry, news and media industry, tire industry, and job hiring and driving industry. This only shows that companies trust us handle and solve their software or web development needs.

D7 Software Solution Co. also lives up to its name with the following 7D’s of principles and values:

  • Development (Software/ Web Site) - act of developing
  • Design and Digital Media - act of designing
  • Developers, Designers and QA - outsourcing of manpower
  • Discipline - Values
  • Deliver on time - Values
  • Do Quality Products - Values
  • Don't be evil – never mislead customers, never steal from the customer.